Artisan Breads

Discover What Makes Our Fresh-Baked Artisanal Breads Special

About Hearth’s Artisan Breads

At Hearth Artisan Bread, we are artisan bakers specializing in hand-crafted bread created with the traditions of 18th-century bread making in mind. We are committed to serving our customers and providing the best tasting loaves of bread possible. Making bread demands and deserves 100% commitment and careful attention to detail in order to make it the best that it can be. Our goal is to ensure that our bread is always the finest quality and best tasting bread available. One of the major components of a great tasting bread is the use of high-quality ingredients. We take pride in the purity of our ingredients, using a variety of all-natural grains in our bread.


Some of our retail breads include

French Country

Onion Ficelle

Simply Seedy 

Pumpernickel Sandwich Loaf

Four Cheese - Fri / Sat / Sun


Jewish Rye Sandwich loaf


Marble Rye Sandwich Loaf

Irish Soda Bread ( March )

Bakers Harvest 

Cranberry Orange Candied Ginger


Scali / Sesame Semolina - Fri / Sat / Sun

White Choc Apricot - Fri / Sat / Sun


Kalamata olive

Fruit nut

Cranberry Orange Candied Ginger